Tips To Get Through a Hot Summer Move






Have you ever wondered why so many people choose to move in the hot, dog days of summer?  Along with wedding and yard sale season, summer is also the prime time for moving.  Whether is it is moving kids to college, just married, or a work transfer, people partake in the summer move for several reasons.  No matter what the reason there are several things to remember when moving in the summer.  Having just moved myself, I want to pass along a few tips to make your sweltering move an easy one.

Drink water and a lot of it

Although you may not seem thirsty, sweating and moving heavy items can quickly lead to dehydration.  Constantly drinking water can keep you hydrated through your move and helps you to keep from tiring out.  Be sure to keep a cooler packed with water and sports beverages for your movers as well.  Sports beverages contain electrolytes that can keep you moving through the heat.

Keep fans and air conditioner running

Several people find themselves packing up fans before moving day arrives.  It is very important to wait and pack these trusty guys at the very end.  Your house can heat up quickly with people moving items in and out of the house.  I would also suggest running the air conditioner the entire time you are packing items into a truck and vehicles.  This will allow you to have a cool place to sit down and cool off.  Remember to unpack fans first to cool down your new home before moving in.

Plan ahead

Because summer is the busiest time a year for the moving industry, be sure to plan ahead.  Contact the moving company several weeks in advance to ensure that movers will be available the day of your move.  You do not want to end up moving in the summer heat without help!

Beware of melting candles

Remember to consider what items should not go into a hot truck.  Candles can melt and make a big mess that you just don’t have time for on moving day.  CD’s and videos can easily warp in the heat.  Plan ahead for items such as these, so they will stay intact during your move.

Dress appropriately for a move

Wearing the correct attire for your move can make a world of difference on moving day.  I suggest a moisture wicking or cotton t-shirt, shorts, and a tennis shoes.  Remember comfort is key, and nothing can change your mood faster than sore feet or a hot, uncomfortable outfit.

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