Welcome to Downtown Franklin!


Our office is located in one of the most intriguing towns of the South.  Franklin, Tennessee has won over the hearts of many with its historic southern charm.  Because this little town is so unique, I thought we should devote a blog just for it.

Franklin is located in the suburbs of Nashville and known to many as the site of the tragic and bloody Battle of Franklin in the Civil War.  Franklin has preserved its historic vibe through its Victorian downtown area and square.  Downtown Franklin is truly a gem with its true southern hospitality spreading throughout the town.  Many people would say there is nothing else like it.  Downtown Franklin is the home to an eclectic mix of antique shops, art galleries, restaurant, and clothiers. A few places that can be found in Downtown Franklin are Merridee’s Breadbasket, Gray’s Pharmacy (now known as Gray’s on Main), Philanthropy, and Puckett’s Grocery.  Also, you can relive history when visiting The Carter House, Carnton Plantation, or Lotz House.  The Downtown Franklin Association currently has over 150 unique places to visit.


Drop in and take a stroll down Main Street.  You may just find yourself in the middle of a jazz or arts festival.  Come visit us and one of the most beloved towns of the south.

You can learn more about Franklin by dropping in the Franklin Visitor’s Center on Main Street, or checking out the website, www.historicfranklin.com.

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