The Movers Who Care


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® prides itself of being the “Movers Who Care®.”  With being the first and largest local moving franchise system in the United States, we desire to be a role model in this industry.  From the first phone call to the final unload, this is reflected in everything we do.  Many people ask us what sets us apart from other moving companies and how are we the “Movers Who Care®.”

Our care for what we due lies deeper than just moving our customers in and out of locations.  We move people and businesses forward in life.  We work with customers, but we also work in the community and internally with our employees.

We ensure our customers are being given the best customer service in the industry.  All of our movers are professionals and fully trained to pack household items and load trucks efficiently with safety as a priority.  We understand that moving is a stressful time and it brings us joy to know that we are taking some weight off our customers shoulders.

One of our key core values is to give back to the community.  This idea reaches all the way back to the home office in Lansing, Michigan. Founder, Mary Ellen sheets gave a large portion of her first profits to charity.  We continue to focus on working with charities to help make a difference in the Williamson County community.  Currently we have worked with The Autism Foundation of Tennessee, and we look forward to working with other organizations.

We also move people forward within our company. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® prides themselves for promoting from within. More than one quarter of our franchise owners originally started as employees in our system.  In this franchise specifically, 4 of the 5 members of the management team started with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® as movers.  We strive to help people grow in a position and discover the opportunities for growth within the company.

Our company’s goals are not to just relocate people, they are to move people.  We are the “Movers Who Care®,’ and we work hard to move people forward.  We ensure the highest customer service in every move.  For more information contact us at (615) 595-5929.

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