Moving With Pets


Moving can be stressful whether you are 4 legged or 2.  Just like humans, an animal finds comfort in its home, and quickly gains a since of security.  It can be very confusing for your furry friend to just pick up and move to a new location. I recently had to relocate a sweet pup 600 miles from his home.  Dealing with this first hand, I quickly realized there is more to putting your animal in the car and driving.  Here are some ideas to remember when you are moving with your pet.

Before the move, make sure your pet has a name tag that includes your phone number.  You never know how animals will act in new places.  Take precaution and get a name take just in case your pet gets away from you during the moving process.

Let your moving company know ahead of time that an animal will be present. They can make sure the right movers are on the job.  Believe it or not, many people are deathly afraid of dogs.  This will help the moving company better prepare for your move.

Go ahead and look for Veterinarian referrals before your move.  Nothing can be worse than your little companion getting sick and you have no idea where to take him.

While you are packing, set aside all the pet’s essential items for the transportation process. This includes:

o   Water Bowl

o   Food Bowl

o   Food and treats

o   Pet Bed

o   Blankets

o   Toys

o   Leash

o   Crate

o   Litterbox

o   Cleaning Supplies (just in case)

o   Medications

Animals that are not used to long car rides can suffer from motion sickness.  If this happens, you can give your pet motion sickness medication to help them be more comfortable during the ride.  Always check with your vet before giving your pet medication.

The more space you can provide your pet the better.  A car can get cramped very fast, so put as little as possible in the car in order to give extra room for your furry friend.

Make sure you find safe areas with a lot of grass to let your pup have a potty break.  Also, be sure to keep him or her on a leash at all times.  Like I mentioned above, animals can be unpredictable when they are uncomfortable.  Keeping your dog on a leash will keep him or her by your side.

While your movers are working, keep your pet in a crate or holding room.  Your pet may be a little anxious from all the excitement, and you do not want him running out the door while the movers are trying to load the truck.  Also, an animal can easily get under the feet of a mover which can cause injury to the mover, the animal, and the furniture.  It is best to have the pet set up in a crate or laundry room or bathroom.

After the move, give your little friend extra love and attention.  He or she may be confused and unsure of the surroundings.  Show your pet the area, and help him or her get used to the new home.  Sit on the floor and play.  This will let your pet know that it is okay, and you are not leaving.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about moving please contact TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Brentwood – Franklin at (615)595-5929.  Follow us on Twitter @TMTBrentwood, or “Like” us on Facebook!

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