Congratulation, You have made the decision to move.

Everyone’s decision to move has mixed views on the actual moving process.  Moving can seem very stressful when picking the perfect moving company and worrying about possible broken possessions .

First start by researching the moving companies in your area. For more information of selecting movers check out our blog post How to Avoid a Risky Move or Protect Your Move.gov.

Two Major Types of Estimates:

Onsite Estimate:

A Moving consultant comes to your house and walks through your entire house and calculates the size of your shipment. We onsite any house over 2500 sq/ft or if a customer asks us.

Phone Estimate:

Every other move.

Comparing the Two:

Onsite estimates are more accurate because we can see everything with our own “eyes”. In order to get the most out of the over the phone estimate you have to be the Customer Service Representative’s (CSR) “eyes” for them.

Before you speak to the CSR you will want to prepare a list of questions. These questions will really depend on what your needs are.  Most major moving companies will offer complete full service moves but understand that this type of service is not going to be cheap.

Here are some questions to consider during your phone estimate:

Do they disassemble (D/A) and reassemble (R/A) your furniture?

My thought on D/A and R/A is this: If you like getting your hands dirty and you are physically capable of doing the work yourself, do it! You will save money and heres why:

All our movers carry tool boxes along with them on jobs so they can assist our customers with disassembly and reassembly of their furniture. That being said, most movers tool kits contain manual tools. If your bed is held together by a million wood screws it might be faster for you to do it.

Money Saving Tip: If you want us to R/A and D/A your furniture that will be a little time consuming, let your CSR know. That way we can send our movers with a drill to speed up the process. Or if your moving company does not provide a drill, wait to pack yours up and let your movers borrow it (just make sure you get it back!).

Are they licensed, bonded and insured?

Insured is the big one and heres why:

Example: Moving Company A is moving you out of your old home. Mike, a mover from Moving Company A is trying to carry your crazy heavy Sony Trinitron TV (A 20 year old monstrosity with a great picture) down a flight of stairs by himself. He successfully navigates the stairs only to have his fingers give out causing gravity to asteroid the TV into Mikes foot. No big deal you think, you needed to upgrade to a flat screen anyways, but Moving Company A is not insured. Mikes smashed up foot claim now gets filed against your homeowner’s insurance. This is not a situation you want to be in.

Moral of the Story: Remember insurance is important and upgrade your Trinitron.

What is their policy on damages?

Disclaimer: Each moving company is different. Even TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations can have different polices on damages. I am only speaking for these locations. thats why its important to ask.

Our policy is if we damage any of our belongings, our movers will pick up the broken item from your home, take it to be repaired and bring it back to your home after it has been fixed to its previous state.  We have a special list of trained professionals to repair any damaged items.  We do this because this has been found to be most appreciated by our customers.

If the item is damaged beyond repair, we will either pay for the full current value or $2.25 per pound.  We will offer whichever amount is higher.  Many moving companies have a standard $0.60 per pound of any damage.  This can leave you with a very minimal amount of something that is actually very valuable.

How are their charges broken down?

Most companies will do hourly for local and binding or non-binding estimates for long hauls.

#1 Rule: If you get an over the phone estimate, make sure the estimator goes through a complete estimate. Its great to know how much the move costs per hours but its even more important to know HOW long that move will take.

What cost extra?

Moving Companies can charge extra for things like Stretch Wrap or going up stairs. In order to properly protect furniture like microsuede, leather and other fabric upholstered furniture we go through a lot of Stretch Wrap. If your company charges extra for this make sure you add that into their hourly cost.

Also consider a travel fee. Many companies have a standard travel fee to cover the mileage and gas of the truck.

3 Ways to Avoid Estimator Disappointment:

Estimator Disappointment is when a CSR tells you a price over the phone which sounds great but then you actually pay a lot more for the move. Keep in mind these 3 things to avoid Estimator Disappointment.

Leave off items: If you leave items off you will get a lower time estimate but those items still need to be moved. If you give false information you will get a false estimate. Once you hear that estimate, it is very hard to get that number out of your head, even when logic proves otherwis. This causes Estimator Disappointment.

Underestimating boxes: An average house has between 40-60 boxes. This is just like leaving items off but the customers are not aware they are doing it. Here’s an easy way to avoid this: Buy some test boxes. To get a better understanding on how many boxes you will have. Try purchasing some before your estimate and see how many items they hold so you will have a better understanding.

Only considering hourly rate: I think this is the biggest cause of Estimator Disappointment. Hourly rate is important but what comes with that hourly rate is equally important. Extras can add up quickly and inexperienced movers work slower then professionals.

The time window:  Because the nature of the movers job, the moving company will most likely give you a time window. Make sure to remember this on moving day.  Many times a move can run longer than expected, which is why we always give our customers a window of time.  Avoid estimator disappointment by remembering that you may have a three hour window for your movers to arrive.

By following this advice you will receive a better estimate and reduce Estimator Disappointment making the moving process a little less stressful.

Note: Check out more moving information on the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Las Vegas Page. Also, if you have any questions please give us a call at (615) 595-5929.

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