5 Halloween Costumes Made From Moving Boxes

With the cost of Halloween costumes on the up-rise, many people have begun to get creative with costume ideas.  If you just moved, and you are tired of looking at all those boxes in the corner, let us give you some ideas.  Boxes actually make great Halloween costumes for half the price of a costume you would buy at the store.  Here are some of our favorite costumes made from moving boxes.

1.  Bucket o’ Popcorn- This costume is incredibly easy. Simply use off white or yellow paper to create popcorn and paint the box like a popcorn container.  Use a red sand bucket for a hat.

2.  Hot Air Balloon and Balloonist- This is one of my favorite costumes.  You child will easily stand out among the trick or treaters.  This costume may look like it has difficult instructions, but it is really quite easy.  Take a box and make straps for it to sit on the child’s shoulders.  Use dowel rods and cardboard for the top and attach helium balloons. Simply pick up brown paper bags and fill them with something light weight (fiber-fill) for the sand bags.hot air balloon costume.


3. Wall-E- Pixar animation character, Wall-E is a favorite among children .  This is a really cool costume, and it has wheels! The most difficult part of this custume will be the painting of the box.  Your child can either sit in the box or you can cut out the bottom of the box for he or she to stand. Wrap the goggles in aluminum foil or spray with metallic spray paint.


4.Barbie and Ken: As you can see this costume can be used for all ages.  I think this is hilarious.  These guys even tied themselves in and used a plastic for the front of the box.  Obviously for this costume, you would need a tall box. Other than covering or painting the box, the only other thing to do is dress like a Barbie!  barbie and ken costume.


5.  Stormtrooper- Have you ever wanted to be a Stormtrooper, but didn’t want to spend the money on an expensive suit.  Well this is your chance! This makes being a Stormtrooper very easy.  Just use two boxes to make the suit and  and draw the design on the boxes.  Wrap your arms and legs with white paper.


Other great costume ideas made from boxes are:

A Lego

A Yoohoo Box

A Train

A Washing Machine

A Robot
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