7 simple tips for winter moving

winter movingAs the cold, winter air continues to creep up on us, we have to prepare for the winter season.  In Tennessee, the weather is highly unpredictable.  One day we have a beautiful sixty degree day, and the next is snow and ice.  There is no way to know what the weather will have in store for your moving day. During the winter months, there can be frigid temperatures and even ice, snow, and slippery roads.  All of which increase the risk for personal injury and damage during a move.

Whether you are planning to hire a moving company or move yourself, we have put together a few tips that will help your winter moving day a success.

1.       Layer Up – For a day when you are on the move, layers are the best option.  You will stay warm in the cold but able to shed layers as you begin to warm up.

2.       Clear the way for your movers – By this we mean literally clear the way.  If your move lands on an icy day, be sure to salt the sidewalks and drive ways and make sure the surface is not slick or covered.  It can be difficult moving furniture without walking on slick surfaces.  This will greatly decrease the risk of damages.

3.       Keep it toasty– make sure your heat is turned on at both locations.  Nothing is worse than trying to get out of the cold and not finding a warm place to go.  You may also want to keep the doors open for the temperature to balance out a little bit.  The drastic temperature change from warm house to cold driveway can cause fatigue.

4.       Flexibility is key – Be prepared to add some extra time due to the weather.  The roads may be slick or there may be some ice in unexpected places.  Some extra time may be used for safety precautions, and be prepared for elements that are out of your control.

5.       Don’t forget temperature sensitive items – Some of these items are obvious, such as plants (wrap plants in plastic or blankets to keep them from freezing).  Things that many people forget about is china, glass and electronic.  Cold weather can cause these types of items to crack or malfunction.

6.       Don’t forget Fido – Moving your pet first should be done no matter what the weather conditions are, but it is especially important during the winter. This will keep your furry friend from getting lose and lost out in the frigid weather.

7.       Weather policy – Don’t forget to ask the moving company about their inclement weather policy.  Doing this will ensure you don’t run into any unexpected fees at the end of the move.

For more information on winter moving, please contact TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Brentwood – Franklin at 615.595.5929 or our website. “Like” us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter!

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