Our Driver says M”A”N Up Against Bullying


Bullying has become an increasingly large problem in the US. With over 3.2 million student victims each year, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® driver, Ahmad Harden saw a need to M”A”N Up Against Bullying. Harden serves on the board of the 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, Tenacious Teens 4 Christ, founded by Tiffany Love. M”A”N Up Against Bullying, a part of Tenacious Teens 4 Christ, is a campaign that involves innovative methods of reaching children in order to educate about the acts of bullying and teach them what methods to take in the situation of bullying. In its first year, M”A”N Up against Bullying has become a nationwide campaign with proclamations in Nashville, Los Angeles, Orlando, Gainesville, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Chicago, and Hattiesburg. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has named April 7 – April 12 M”A”N Up Against Bullying Week. Each of the cities listed above have a M”A”N Up Against Bullying day that fall at different times of the year.

Harden spends his time reaching out to bullies and instigators to help them understand the effects of their acts and discuss that words do hurt. Harden also works with the victims of bullying to help them recover and show that there is a brighter side to life. Harden is motivated by his past. He was bullied as a youth and in turn, became a bully by teasing others to be accepted in his friend group. He wants to help others learn from this and stop bullying before it begins. Harden’s favorite part of being a part of M”A”N Up against Bullying is seeing the transformation in children by forming a different outlook on bullying.

The next anti-bullying rally will be held on August 16 at Rocket Town. Rallies are held whenever there is a demand, and the campaign will travel to different locations. Sponsors such as Men’s Warehouse and Chick-fil-a support these events. To learn how to get involved, go to www.tteens4christ.org. Also, like M”A”N Up Against Bullying on Facebook and follow them on twitter. View events and news coverage on Youtube. M”A”N Up Against Bullying can be reached at 615.746.7779 or manup@onceinmanhood.com.


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