The Busy Season: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Move Fast and Efficient

DSCN2754July is known to be the busiest moving month of the year.  With 32 moves this weekend, it makes it one of the busiest weekend thus far for the franchise.  Needless to say, we are definitely on the move this weekend, and we could not be more excited. We love serving our customers, and we will keep our promise to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations. In order to make your move as easy and seamless as possible, please consider the following to ensure your experience is top-notch:

Book Early:  During this time of year, our schedule books up fast, especially towards the end of the month.  To ensure you get that perfect move day, contact us at least two weeks in advance.  We want you to have an exceptional moving experience and that starts with the perfect day.  If you are on a budget, look into booking your move during the week to cut some costs on your move.

Pack and Centralize:  Having multiple moves a day is not always an easy task.  Our customers can make moving a quicker process by packing, labeling, and centralizing all of their boxes before the move.  Having all items in one room will make for a very efficient move, and labeling boxes will allow our movers to quickly be able to correctly place your items in your new home.  This is an immense time and money saver!

Disassemble:  Many pieces of furniture need disassembling prior to the move.  Our movers are more than happy to do this step for our customer; however, if this step is taken care of before the movers arrive, the overall experience can be enhanced. Once again, placing all the pieces of the disassembled furniture in a centralized location will not only save on time for our movers to pack up your furniture but will also keep you on budget.

Be Patient:  Our goal is to provide an exceptional moving experience for each of our customers.  We plan and well-prepare for this season each year, but please try to be patient with so many moves going on at this time.  We ensure that our movers are working their hardest to provide you with a flawless move.  Although we cannot promise perfection, we will promise to come as close as possible. We take pride in our 96 percent customer referral rating, and we work every day even in the busiest of days to live up to our high standards.

Have Fun:  Don’t let the stresses of relocating get you worn down.  We are trained professional movers, and it is our job to take care of the details and give you time to enjoy the excitement on moving into the next chapter of your life. Additional services we can provide will even help you get set up in your new space faster and with less headaches.  Keep calm and let us help move you forward!

For more information, feel free to check out our website.  Also learn about tips and tricks to get through a summer move.

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