4 Creative Ways to Recycle Moving Boxes

Your family just moved, and you have all these moving boxes that you hate to just throw away.  Why not use those boxes to make something that you would normally go to a toy store and spend a fortune on.  Here are a few ideas that your kids will love that won’t break the bank or leave those perfectly good boxes in the dumpster.

Cardboard Castle

This idea can be done in many different ways, and you can get as creative as you want with it.  Simply take the boxes you have hanging around and place them to look like a castle.  Cute out doors for your child to crawl around in, and we promise they will be busy for hours.10696168_10152469686247690_962028366158016277_n

Cardboard Stair slide

Why has no one thought about this sooner.  This is such a fun idea, especially in the cooler months when kids can’t be out on the playground.  This activity is very easy.  Simply breakdown the boxes into a flat surface, tape them together and lay them on the stairs.  You can even fold up the edges rather than measuring and cutting!img3-243x300

Lemonade Stand

This one may take a little bit of craft skills.  Every child has had the idea of selling lemonade.  Why not give them a great stand to really get the customers coming in.  This is a great idea the you and your child can work on together. Click here for a good how to on building a lemonade stand.


Kitchen Set

This is much easier than it looks, although it does require some other items found around the house.  You can be creative and use different things for the nobs and what not for the appliances.  The refrigerator can be made from a wardrobe or dish box while the sink and stove can be made from a medium and large box.

ss_101629089 ss_101629093For information about moving or moving supplies, please visit our website twomenbrentwood-franklin.com or give us a call at 615-595-5929.

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