Last Minute DIY Christmas Decorations

It’s only a few days before Christmas, and you have found yourself in the hustle and bustle of the season with an undecorated house and only a little time on your hands.  Don’t worry! There is still time.  Several of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchises has put together easy DIY decorations that can have your house looking holly and jolly in a couple of hours.

Simple Snow man made from 3 white boxes

This is simple.  Just stack a large, medium, and small box on top of each other and decorate however you see fit!


Merry Christmas Swag

Using the back side of a box, cut out the letters .  If you aren’t good at free handing, print out a stencil from online.  Decorate the letters with paint, glitter, etc. and punch holes in the top the letters.  Last, simply string yarn through them and hang it up for everyone to see.  This is a great craft to do with children!


Mounted Reindeer Head

Once again, use the brown side of the card board. This i s another easy one.  Simply cut out the shapes, cut slits to assemble the pieces together.  You can color on the eyes and nose and decorate the antlers with garland and ornaments.


And the favorite, a Christmas tree

Using a dish box, cut out 2 identical tree shapes.  Cut a slit from the top to the middle in one and from the bottom to the middle in the other.  Slide them together and decorate!


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