Quick and fast ways to put up Christmas Decorations

1477471_421312767998834_1385636088_nIf you are like me, you may be sitting around dreading to take down and sort all of your Christmas decorations.  I have come up with a few quick ideas to help you get those decorations down and organized for next year in no time, and all of these items can be purchased at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®!

1.  Egg carton for ornaments:  For all of those small antique ornaments with no boxes.  Just recycle an empty egg carton and stick each ornament in the slots.  This protects the ornaments and it makes thins easier to stack.

2.  Cardboard piece for lights:  Cut off any size piece of cardboard and wrap the lights around it.  When you are done, secure by plugging the ends together.  This holds them together and keeps you from have a balled up mess to untangle next year.

3.  Bubble Wrap:  All that bubble wrap from fragile Christmas presents, KEEP IT! It is great and easy to re-use all that bubble wrap on your fragile items.

4.  Non-printed packing paper:  If you use Christmas dishes, don’t make the mistake of using printed newspaper to wrap them up.  This will leave ink marks on your dishes.  Always use blank packing paper.

5. Wardrobe boxes:  Wardrobe boxes are great for storing wreaths, ribbons, or anything that you don’t want crushed in a box.  The bar detaches so it makes it easy to just slide everything on there.  You can also slide smaller item in the bottom of the box.

6.  Dish pack for ornaments:  Our dish pack makes a great organized storing method for larger ornaments.  It is easy to just drop each ornament into its individual spot and keeps them nice and safe throughout the year!

7.  Shrink wrap yours trees: If you have the room in storage, why not just leave your tree standing. Using shrink wrap, you can wrap your tree up, so it is protected and not take up much room.  This makes it so easy for next year.  You cut off the shrink wrap and your tree is ready for decorating!

I hope these tips help make your holiday pack up stress free! For more creative ideas, follow us on Pinterest!

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