Tips to make your college move easier

As a recent college graduate, it feels like yesterday I was packing up my whole life to move miles away from home. That anticipation of moving away on your own is so bittersweet, exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time.

You’ve finally made it through high school, and only have one more step to actually get to college!!  And that is the dreadful process of moving.

Here is some college moving tips to make things easier and to save you from arguments with your parents. (and if your the parents of the new college freshman, you need these tips also to save you from any future headache.)

  1. Coordinate with your roommate

Make sure you and your future roommate coordinate what items you each are going to be bringing. It’s important to figure this out, you don’t need want multiple bigger items in your small dorm, it’s all about maximizing the space as much as possible!! Also try to plan on getting there around the same time, so that youcollege moving 2 can discuss how you want your dorm set up. Bunk Beds? Christmas Lights? Tapestries? Make sure to discuss with your roomie before hanging anything up!

2.  Limit who tags along

You’re entire extended family might want to tag along, in my experiences I would discourage them from doing so. Moving into a dorm is chaos. The rooms are cramped, the hallways get filled, and having to worry about your 85 year old grandmother going up and down 3 flights of stairs is the last thing you want to stress about. Family weekend is only weeks away, and is a much better way for them to actually enjoying seeing your college and would be a lot more relaxed for everyone.

3. Pack with seasons in mind

Lets be real, the closet space in dorms just will never be big enough for all of your clothing. Maybe think about leaving behind all your winter clothes for a couple of months until you get used to your space. You won’t need those big bulky jackets until after winter break anyways. If you just can’t live without all your favorite sweaters, think about buying some under-bed storage containers, pack them full before you even leave so it’s one less thing you have to organize.

4. Get familiar with your surroundings

Have someone keep an eye on your things. If you are in the middle of unloading your car with containers everywhere around it, be sure to always have someone stay behind and watch.

Find out where all nearest all purpose or department stores are, like target or Walmart. That way if you forgot to grab some extra command strips, you wont have to panic to find directions in case you need to pick up an item. (maybe even ask your parents to stock your fridge, before the car and their help is gone)

5.  Unpack Functional Items First

Get your fridge set up so you can have cold water, get all your cleaning supplies out! It’s always a good idea to freshen up the room before all your bigger items are already crowding up the space. It’s always a smart idea to have these kind of items packed last in your car so they are easy to grab and you know where they are.

6. Hire a Moving Company

Hire a moving company that specializes in dorm or apartment moving like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®.  Hiring a moving company can not only save you a ton of hassle but also a lot of time. Our move crews are trained with dorm/apartment complex rules, regulations, parking arrangements, service elevators and etc. Let us do your heavy lifting for you up and down that flight of stairs or through the narrow hallways of your dorm building.

7. Enjoy the Moment

This is a huge, exciting moment in your life. Don’t forget to stop, breathe and take it all in. Take it from me and any other college graduate, 4 years goes by faster than you think. Also, be nice and let your parents take a million pictures of you on this day, embrace their hugs and their tears, this is big moment for them as well. Even if it’s not your first year, I promise you’ll be happy you’ll have those memories to look back on.

Because we are so excited about moving apartments, we are offering 10% all local apartment moves for the entire month of August. If your move begins or ends at an apartment or condo or dorm, let us know! We will give you 10% your entire move! For more details check our blog post here, or call us at 615.595.5929!







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